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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have targeted all 11- and 12-year-olds to receive future vaccines for AIDS and other venereal diseases (VD) to prepare these children for teenage fornication. The AAP and CDC recommend national vaccination policy. These recommendations have traditionally been mandated by state legislatures for admission into daycare, school, college, or work in selected professions. At the February 12, 1997 meeting of the CDCís Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices in Atlanta, Georgia, AAP liaison representative, Dr. Neal Halsey of Johns Hopkins University stated, "We really see age 11 and 12 as the target age for introduction of vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases," and suggested "universal application" of AIDS vaccine for all children. Likewise, on April 10, 1996 at the CDCís National Immunization Conference in Washington, D.C., Dr. Halsey advocated injecting AIDS vaccine into all infants once the vaccine is licensed, despite its unknown safety and effectiveness. Future VD vaccines will likely follow the path of hepatitis B vaccine, now injected into all babies at birth in the hospital, even though the vaccine is used against a basically adult disease of promiscuous homosexuals, heterosexuals, and intravenous drug abusers. While incorrectly assuming that all teens will sleep around or shoot up drugs, the CDC and AAP recommend that 11- and 12-year-olds also receive hepatitis B vaccine. At CDCís urging, states are adding hepatitis B vaccine to the list of vaccines required for school and daycare, even though the risk of hepatitis B transmission is low in these settings. "Vaccine policy has gone too far," asserts Dr. Kristine Severyn, director of Ohio Parents for Vaccine Safety, a Dayton, and Ohio-based national research and education organization which monitors federal vaccine policy-making commissions. "State legislators should object and draw the line when it comes to forcing VD vaccines on babies and schoolchildren," says Dr. Severyn. By Kristian Severyn, Ohio Parents for Vaccine Safety

Siga Pharm-Strep Throat Vaccine

The National Institutes of Health has filed an investigational new drug application with the Food and Drug Administration to launch clinical studies of the vector system used in Siga Pharmaceuticalsí strep throat vaccine candidate. According to Siga, the mucosal vector system consists of a genetically altered commensal bacteria that presents disease-related antigens at the bodyís mucosal surfaces. The U.S. market for a strep throat vaccine is about $300 million a year, the company said. Dow Jones News (12/18/97) 


I want to thank all of you once again for your support during GVALís first few years. Please continue to help us put lifesaving information in the hands of the families who are not yet completely informed and are preparing to vaccinate their children. Everyday GVAL receives telephone calls, letters, and e-mail from families looking for more information on vaccines and their serious side effects. We need the support of your membership to continue the assistance to these families. They need to hear the other side of the story as well. As a parent who lost a child from a vaccination, I only wish that I would not have been so conditioned and had been aware of the ever-growing concern over this issue. I plead with you for your continued support in this most worthy cause- the saving our childrenís lives. Please renew your tax-deductible membership today, as it may help to save a life tomorrow.

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In November 1995, French health workers vaccinated 175,000 students with an excessive dose of Hepatitis B vaccine brand name HR Vax-10. Health officials determined the vaccine was too strong for the eleven-year-old children who received it. The parents of these children were never informed of this. A few days after the Hepatitis B injections, a number of children suffered adverse effects, which included Blacking out, Vomiting, Stomachaches, and Headaches, etc. It is unknown exactly how many children reacted, but 600 people who suffered adverse reactions are suing the government. Health officials have since recalled the vaccine. Source: AP World News