Zachary's Story

My son was "legally" shot to death at a county health clinic.

Zachary at 24 monthsIt was a day like any other day I said to myself, although he did seem to be a bit sore in the legs and his buttocks when my daughter gave him his morning bath. And during the day he did cry, the baby-sitter said, when the other kids touched him. There was no way they could have known. “Just a little tired," we thought, as he quietly, lazily wandered around the house that afternoon, unwilling to take his usual nap. “Really tired!” We excused, when he began to confuse names and faces of friends he had known since he was born. A day like almost any other day. But it was not. It was the day after Zachary Helms received his childhood vaccinations. The events described are those of my son who would go to sleep that night and never wake up again. Zachary died that night, just 33 hours after his visit to the place that I, his mother, like countless other mothers, take their precious children to immunize, and supposedly safeguard, them against deadly diseases.

I, like those countless other mothers, did not recognize the symptoms of the deadly reactions to those vaccinations. Unaware of what to look for. Unaware of the true dangers, I kissed Zachary goodnight and laid him in his crib, unknowing that his brain was already swelling and he would soon pass away. I did not know the side effects, the long-term effects. I did not understand that I was allowing “live viruses” to be injected into my son’s body. Ignorant of widely known but rarely disclosed facts about these vaccines, I did what I was conditioned to do...vaccinate my child. My older daughter, Nicole was vaccinated, right on schedule, and thank God nothing ever happened. So, it seemed natural that Zachary should get the same “loving treatment.” I trusted the system. I trusted the Doctors. I was conditioned to trust them. It didn’t occur to me to even question the system. I trusted, just like Zachary trusted me.

I truly believed I was preventing diseases from harming my child. Since then, I have learned and shared the grief of families who have lost children and those whose children have been injured by these vaccines. Our sorrow is great. Our anger is fierce. We all ask the same questions, “Why weren’t we told about the harmful side-effects?” “Why can’t we have the freedom to choose whether or not to vaccinate?” “Where are the medical facts that will help us make informed, wise choices?” “Why aren’t we made aware of the REAL dangers that these vaccines pose?” Good questions! Some may not want the truth about these vaccines to be exposed. Some may have too much to lose should these vaccines be found unsafe and taken off the market. Some obviously count the “HUMAN SACRIFICES” of our children a small price to pay for the greater good of the whole. Certainly they are not waging a biological warfare on our children, and the idea of protecting our young ones from disease is noble, but not at the expense of withholding vital information that could spare innocent lives.

Knowing that information, I could have seen the tell-tale signs of the reactions Zachary was experiencing. I could have done something to save his life. I would not have let him receive the vaccinations at all, had I known then what I know now. My daughter, Nichole suffers, too. She bears the pain of finding Zachary in his crib that morning, cold and lifeless. The emotional damage will take years to heal. Another innocent victim of these drugs. The numbers continue to rise. It is time we demanded more studies, more information. Many medical professionals are of the opinion that further tests are necessary to determine the truth, to assure us not only of the safety but the effectiveness of childhood vaccinations. Let’s not sit idly by and ALLOW ignorance to reign. GET informed. Know the Facts. Educate yourself, before you have your children vaccinated. Don’t be mislead, vaccines can kill! I sincerely believe they are the reason my Zachary died.

Zachary died on January 27, 1995, approximately 33 hours after receiving his childhood vaccinations at the County Health Clinic. It took almost one year for the County Coroner's Office to return a death certificate which lists “undetermined” as the cause of death. After speaking with pediatricians, neurosurgeons, and other medical experts, I have been advised that this is an unacceptable explanation for a perfectly healthy child, especially when one takes into account that the autopsy revealed my son’s brain had swollen to 1400 grams which is comparable in size to that of a 16 year old child.

Since the tragic loss of my son, I have founded a non-profit organization called Global Vaccine Awareness League. Every effort to present the truth about vaccines is being made and GVAL is striving to see parents make an informed decision about vaccinations and their right to choose whether or not to vaccinate their children in light of these truths.

Our mission is the education of parents everywhere regarding the serious side effects and possibility of death resulting from government mandated vaccinations. Every effort to present the truth about vaccines should be made. This mission is very costly and we desperately need your support. There is power in agreement and I am confident that we agree about this. Death is not an acceptable side effect for the attempted prevention of a curable disease. Through our efforts I envision it being possible for us to save the lives of countless children who are needlessly dying each year as well as those who are suffering because of vaccine damage.

Please join with us as we strive to make this a reality all across the nation. GVAL needs your help. We plead with you for your support in our most worthy of causes -THE SAVING OF OUR CHILDREN’S LIVES. Please consider becoming a member or supporter of GVAL.

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