Another Child Shot To Death

No candles. No cake. No children with smiling faces bearing gifts. Instead of celebrating what should have been Spencer’s second birthday, we erected a statue of Mary at his grave site in complete horror and disbelief. How did we get here? How could this have happened? Why?

On June 16, 1994, Brad and I dutifully took our precious son, Spencer, 20 months old, to get his fourth dose of DPT/Hib and OPV vaccinations. Armed with our ignorant paradigms that vaccines were safe and effective, and information about “hot lots” we had heard about on the NOW program, we sat down the nurse. I asked her if the clinic had disposed of the hot lots, she said yes. She asked me if I wanted to try the new Hib vaccine. I asked her what the new Hib was and wanted to know what the risk factors were. She said it was one poke instead of two and that it was safe. I asked her 4 times whether or not this was going to kill or brain-damage Spencer. She pacified me in a tone of voice that made me feel like an over-protective mother, one who was silly for having been taken in by sensationalism. She then asked me why Spencer was late for his vaccines, I told her it was due to his recent bout of Otitis media.

I sat there playing with Spencer with the worst gut feeling in the world. But, I reassured myself it was for his own good. Spencer fell asleep on the way home. He slept all day. He didn’t eat. He was lethargic. He was cranky. He was dying before my very eyes.

At 9:00 am the next morning on the 17th of June, Brad came screaming into our bedroom like a mad man. Spencer’s lifeless body was lying face down in his crib approximately 10 hours after his shots. I ran into his room grabbed him out and went screaming around, “God NO!! Not My Baby! Come Back! Come Back! God Please! God No! Not My Baby!” I administered CPR for what seemed like hours. I heard my father say to 911, “We’ve got a dead baby here.” I opened Spencer’s eyes and knew he was dead. I made sounds I didn’t think any human was capable of making. And so, our Hell on earth began.

When we returned home from the funeral, numb and dazed, I got on the phone to the CDC, FDA, IOM, NIH and the doctor who shot my son to death. They kept telling me how sorry they were that my son died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. I kept saying he didn’t die of SIDS, that he died from his shots. They said it was a mere coincidence that my son had been injected with vaccines 10 hours prior to his death, several said the benefits outweigh the risks, and the Medical Examiner called in a panic stating, “My God, you don’t think this is what SIDS is do you?”

Bells went off. I was calling all the wrong people. I wanted the truth, and it certainly wasn’t SIDS. I called a lawyer and he started telling me about endotoxin and gram-negative bacteria. Bordetella pertussis (whooping cough) has the same toxins that E. coli harbors. I knew I was on my way to finding the truth.

The truth is our son was sacrificed to the conviction that the benefit of vaccination outweigh the risk. What they don’t tell unsuspecting parents is that diseases are cyclic. They resurface when conditions are right and among vaccinated and unvaccinated populations. Doctors don’t tell you when your child may be having a reaction. For instance, when filing with the National Vaccine Compensation Program, I gathered Spencer’s medical records. In black and white, an ER doctor diagnosed Spencer with an allergy to immunizations and chose not to tell me.

Also, the AMA, AAP, and CDC won’t tell you that due to better sanitation and better mutation, most childhood diseases were declining prior to mass vaccination campaigns. And, when a forensic pathologist is performing an autopsy on a baby, toddler or child who seemingly dies overnight, he or she is only looking for physical and/or drug abuse, and illness. If the Medical Examiner finds none, he or she has the following causes of death to choose from: SIDS, Sudden and Unexpected Death (translates into natural causes), and undetermined. The Medical Examiner will never put vaccination as a cause of death. The medical establishment is afraid of parents knowing the truth and deciding not to vaccinate, and, as George Bernard Shaw put it, “A conspiracy, not a profession...Every doctor will allow a colleague to decimate a whole countryside sooner than violate the bond of professional etiquette by giving him away.”

I know this sounds like heresy, but the unsinkable Titanic sunk, for thousands of years man believed the world was flat, and it wasn’t until the 15th century that Copernicus promulgated the theory that the earth revolved around the sun.

To my beloved Spencer, “Good-night sweetpie, mommy and daddy certainly love you. Our reason for life, our reason for living.”

My advice to everyone is simple. Educate yourself before you decide to vaccinate your children. No vaccine is 100% safe. Michelle Helms and I have paid the ultimate price to bring you this life-saving information. No one should live this horror. Global Vaccine Awareness League is a non-profit organization, founded due to the unnecessary tragic deaths of innocent children and dedicated to the education of parents regarding the efficacy and safety of vaccines.

Colleen Bergmann