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The GVAL Torch
Fall of 1996

Diarrhea Vaccine?

Man has searched high and low for the answers to health, the cures of disease. The largest success to date, antibiotics, is turning into a huge biologic time-bomb, as germs mutate quicker than we can keep us with, as diseases, simply treated before, are killing us today. The answer, more potions. Vaccinations and immunizations. Biologic concoctions made in animals, laced with poisons, contaminated with unknown (and sometimes known) viral DNA. We go like cattle to administer that latest drug company money mill creation to ourselves and our children, with little concern of what we are really doing.

Well, now we have a new vaccine against diarrhea, of all things. This rates right up there with the chicken pox vaccine. When will it all end? In a related story, our federal government is going to spend $120 million to inoculate our military against anthrax. I see all this biological tinkering as a pathway to destruction. Even if the vaccines work, the germs will mutate to adapt to the new found strength of its victims. Then what will we be? It's happening right now with antibiotics. It will happen with vaccines. Maybe it's already happening. Where will it all end? Will we ultimately be healthier with less disease, or will we be weaker with more virulent diseases? Time will tell.

Please remember, the practice of medicine is the THIRD leading cause of death. Why would anyone trust that? Why?

Dr. Richard Lindwall,
GVAL Advisory Board


This section was an idea from one of our members. Please give us your input on this and also any other items you would like included in our next issue.

Did You Know . . . According to Dr. Stuart Sell, Professor in the Department of Pathology at USCD, serious or chronic otitis media may be an indication of an allergic reaction to doses of antigen, i.e. vaccines.

Many doctors recommend that tubes be placed in the eardrums to drain fluid from the middle ear, but they also allow for flow of fluid, water, etc., into the middle ear. This creates a breeding ground for middle ear infections to thrive. It is ironic that this modality of treatment is a potential cause of the very hearing loss in young children it was meant to prevent.

Another Child's Story: Joshua


GVAL is proud to announce the addition of Reverend Bill Gaddie to our Advisory Board. We have been getting more and more calls from concerned parents across the United States who want information regrading immunization exemptions. Most states have a religious exemption, but the state laws regarding what constitutes religion are extremely diverse. We felt that Reverend Gaddie could provide us with advice and direction regarding the interpretation of these statutes.

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